Hello, and thank you for coming to our Blogspot. Let me begin by introducing myself.

My name is Bonnie. I am the Mama of, not only Faroukjames, but  also I have mothered 3 other children, and I am the G’ma to 2 beautiful Grandchildren. To some of you I will be considered old and to some young, but one thing is universally accepted ” I became a mother  at a very young age.”

Our public story began on instagram in 2014 when Faroukjames was 3 years old. After posting a few images of FJ, his hair, and his even bigger personality, it was quickly very clear that he was to have a much loved presence on social media.

Since then his the page has grown from strength to strength along with his mane! Having such an amazing following has gained him much publicity along the way, with appearances and interviews in worldwide publications from the daily mail to Chris Brown official website. The connections made have resulted in modelling contracts, gracing international catwalks and, Farouk even had his first major acting role in New York, which was released this year  receiving a well deserved award nomination!

We love and appreciate instagram for all the incredible opportunities it has brought his way, but it has its limitations, hence the reason to start this blog. Here we will be able to share with those who are interested, even more of his journey on a deeper level.

We hope to be able to reach out to you whether you’re a hair enthusiast, parent, kid or just interested in this little guys childhood journey.

Between lots of hair maintenance we actually still do have a life, admittedly a hectic one though! I am a full time nutritional undergrad at university, a Grandma (or Glamma, I prefer to say) and now an official blogger.

Farouk is a Chelsea soccer loving guy who also enjoys dance, drama, music. In addition, he has more recently retired at the early age of 5 from Zumba; only just announcing after 4 whole terms that he HATES it.. ” Farouk” I replied ” we never say the H word hits horrid hand hunkind”…

Writing this introduction is making me already wish we would have started the blog a lot earlier, as I really do have a lot to say, which is much easier to do using keyboards than a touch screen iphone or android. Also, I love sharing information and tips of any kind, your’ll see I’m not the selfish kind who keeps trade secrets to herself.

I enjoy helping others to become more empowered. To start with setting up this Blog Site was a lot easier than I thought it would be! Well enough for now, except may I just say, you can expect a little bit of TB (throw back) stuff which we have been involved in over the last months. I hope you don’t mind but some experiences must be shared ;)…

+Credit to photographer: image of Farouk & Mama