An afternoon with Joyjah

An afternoon with Faroukjames and JOYJAH


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Faroukjames & I were plump with exuberance as we were finally to meet (the curly girl legend in the making)  Joyjah! If you have yet to have had the pleasure of being acquainted with her, she is a rufescent haired beauty from Belize, taking not only instagram, but the modelling world by storm. Farouk and I have been following her journey over the past 2 years, and both titan curlies  carry a special mutual admiration for each other. Which is to be expected as they have heaps in common….

Joyjah had been in the U.K three months after signing with a London model agency, and we were waiting by the phone for her call. When it came I was ecstatic , to meet her I would be even willing to take the day off university if I had to lol..

She told me she had just 2 days left in the U.k  so I was like “You say where, and when and we will be there,” not wanting to miss the opportunity to link up! In fact we had not to make any sacrifices, and the arrangements couldn’t have gone smoother, as she is super thoughtful and was even more flexible than us.

In my effort to find something appropriate I set the lunch spot at the Hawaiian   islandpoke  apart from being beautiful and tropical it has little in common and is nowhere near this island girls home of Belize (which is not even an island, but has some of the most beautiful islands in the world, just off  its coastline, in fact you can even bag yourself one for a billion dollars plus… p.s don’t forget to invite us if you buy one!

On the summery afternoon in question I collected Farouk from school, we were running a bit late, so was she, due to a last-minute Oxford street shopping spree, but it worked perfectly as the restaurant is located just walking distance from where she was. No sooner had we turned up and started to scan the menu, did Joyjay ‘tun up’ behind us, she instantly enlightened the room with charisma and her contagious smile, beautiful beyond what I had seen of her onscreen!

It was immediately curly caribbean cuddles all round! Farouk’s eyes lit up at the sight of her, it’s always fascinating watching his reaction when he’s met by someone who resembles himself. We ordered our lunch of sushi deconstructed, ‘my bad’, unfortunately raw fish was not a favorite of Joyjah’s, so instead in tropical tradition, she ordered a large bowl of pineapple and mango topped with shavings of coconut. They both went on ahead and sat, in the outside eating area, by time I joined them Joyjay had been swarmed with admirers for selfies. It was then my consciousness awakened to the realization, that this meetup will not go without its many interruptions, LOL.

Not only are these two notorious on the worldwideweb but they ignite interest from the many social media unaware members of the public. During our time together they were approached by an elderly kiwi couple, a big issue seller, a rastafarian, a model scout, a dog and numerous pigeons. With Farouk, I normally allow 1 hour extra time every journey, for public stoppage, but when travelling with Joyjah AND FJ I would have to make that three, 1 for him, 1 for her and 1 hour for the joint enquirers…

We had a wonderful afternoon in her company and she filled us in on her shenanigans in the U.K  which is sadly to be paused for a short time as she flies her wings back to the americas. We will miss her deeply and be waiting for the reunion when this al a mode chick crosses east over the big pond again..

Good luck Joyjah with all your future adventures and your current one with carolsdaughter


During their time together we filmed Faroukjames and Joyjah in a reciprocated interview, hope you enjoy the video, IN THE LINK ABOVE